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August 17, 2017

iCEPS Conference (Montpellier 2017) – Public Lecture on Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

Public lecture on non-pharmaceutical interventions with Dr. Marie Baqué-Juston, Dr. Fernand Vicari, and Pr. Patrick Baqué (video)

August 17, 2017

iCEPS Conference (Montpellier 2017) – Plenary Presentation Dr. Lise Gauvin

Plenary session with Dr. Lise Gauvin from Université de Montréal (video)

July 24, 2017

IBTNetwork Activities (Summer 2017 Newsletter)

Spotlight on Researchers (Dr. Linda E. Carlson and Drs. Kim Lavoie and Simon Bacon), video of a talk by Dr. Molly Bryne, recent publications, and more.