Assessing a Body of Evidence of Complex Interventions

IBTN Core Member Dr. Paul Montgomery (University of Birmingham), in collaboration with the GRADE Working Group, is leading a research project to develop guidance for assessing and rating the quality of a body of evidence in systematic reviews of complex interventions. The guidance will be relevant for researchers in both clinical and social disciplines who conduct reviews on the effectiveness of complex interventions.

More than ever, policy makers rely on systematic reviews to inform decision-making regarding effective interventions. Interventions characterized as “complex” involve numerous interacting components and multiple outcomes. Such interventions use alternative approaches to assess a body of evidence in systematic reviews (i.e. some may need to integrate a large body of non-randomised evidence). In the meantime, concerns arise about potentially uninformative synthesis results and often-observed conclusions of weak evidence.

After conducting an international online panel involving multidisciplinary expertise, Dr. Montgomery’s project team will host a consensus meeting with a select group of participants to build consensus for the new guidance.

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