Posters 2022

Welcome to the IBTN 2022 Poster Gallery

All posters presented at IBTN 2022 (virtually and in person) are included in this gallery.

We are also happy to announce that all IBTN 2022 poster abstracts will be published in a forthcoming edition of the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine. We will share the news with the IBTN community via the IBTN newsletter when the publication becomes available. Subscribe to the IBTN newsletter

IBTN 2022 Poster Presentations

Presenting Author Title Country
Sherry H. Stewart Personality-Targeted Intervention Effects on Pandemic Distress and Coping Drinking in Undergraduates: A Pilot Study of UniVenture Canada
Ailbhe Madigan Retention-related perspectives of senior trial stakeholders: A qualitative exploration Ireland
Isabelle Lussier A multidomain online behavioural intervention for dementia risk reduction: preliminary results from the Luci pilot feasibility study Canada
Nellie Siemers Preliminary Validation of the French Version of the Four Facet Mindful Eating Scale (FFaMES-F) Canada
Samuel G. Smith Refining and Optimizing a behavioural intervention to Support Endocrine Therapy Adherence: Protocol for the ROSETA Pilot Trial UK
Samuel G. Smith Exploring the feasibility of using a total diet replacement in women with excess weight affected by stage II to III breast cancer: protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial UK
Nana Wu Associations between 24-h Movement Behaviours and Cardiovascular Health Indicators in Adolescents Living with Type 1 Diabetes: A Novel Compositional Data Analysis Canada
Rebecca R Turner An interview study exploring training and education interventions for Antimicrobial Stewardship in the UK UK
Sophie M. C. Green ? Supporting endocrine therapy adherence in women with breast cancer: the development of a complex behavioural intervention using Intervention Mapping guided by the Multiphase Optimisation Strategy UK
Susana Torres Behavioural Intervention to promote Physical Activity in University members in Colombia: Proof of Concept Colombia
Sonia Semenic Protocol for a Breastfeeding Support Intervention for Women with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: the sheMATTERS Trial Canada
Bayley J. Taple Posttraumatic stress in women with pelvic floor disorders – a case for trauma-informed urogynecologic care USA
Valentina Zerbini A guided walking protocol for the amelioration of cognitive functions in subject with schizophrenia. A pilot study Italy
Rubee Dev Association of biological sex and gender-related factors with public engagement in protective health behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic Canada
Karyn Richardson The acceptability of lifestyle medicine for treating mental illness in Australia Australia
Vincent Gosselin Boucher Truth or Pandemic? Engagement study of an online platform and interactive game targeting COVID-19 misinformation Canada
Tommaso Piva ? Exercise-based secondary prevention program impacts physical activity behavior and cardiorespiratory fitness in older outpatients after acute coronary syndrome Italy
Danielle Penney Effectiveness of metacognitive training for psychosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis Canada
Sharleen L. O’Reilly Antenatal penetration and participation rates of women at risk of gestational diabetes in a mHealth coaching weight management trial in Australia, Ireland, Spain, UK: The Bump2Baby and Me Study Ireland
Eimear C Morrissey Improving Outcomes Among Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: The D1 Now Pilot Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial Ireland
Alexander Moreno Which are the evidence-based technologies for home support in community-dwelling older adults and their family caregivers? Preliminary results of a systematic review of the literature Canada
Isabela R. Marçal Sex differences in cardiorespiratory fitness changes after exercise training in adults with atrial fibrillation: a systematic review protocol Canada/Brazil
Lucie Byrne-Davis Co-creating behaviour change technique activities with people who will deliver them: The Cards for Change UK
Sylvie D. Lambert Results of a randomized pilot trial of an online psychosocial and physical activity self-management program for men with prostate cancer and their caregivers (TEMPO) Canada
Lydia Ould Brahim Adapting a Depression Self-care Intervention Integrating the Method for Program Adaptation through Community Engagement (M-PACE) and 8 Common Steps Frameworks Canada
Sasha M. Kullman Protocol for Compassionate And Loving Mindset towards HEART health riSk (CALM HEARTS 2): A randomized optimization trial Canada
Katherine Séguin COVID-19 impact on healthcare access in Canadians: Results from the iCARE Study Canada
Jenny Mc Sharry Identifying the active ingredients of interventions to improve participant retention: A behavioural science analysis of a Cochrane review Ireland
Frédérique Deslauriers Have women with chronic diseases been more negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic than men? Results from the iCARE Study Canada
Daisuke Hayashi Neto Methods to assess ambivalence towards food and diet: a scoping review Brazil
Hana Sediva ? A Systematic Review of Behaviour Change Techniques in Digital Health Interventions with Midlife Women UK
Connor Gleadhill Building the foundations for impact: Establishing a practice-based research network of physiotherapists and collaborative research question design Australia
David Musoke Integrated malaria prevention in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review Uganda
Verónica Córdoba-Sánchez Decreasing HPV Vaccine hesitancy among Colombian teenagers and their families: an analysis based on the COM-B model Colombia
Juliette Casgrain Impact of an intuitive eating intervention on exercise motives and personal well-being in physically active university women with disordered eating: A randomized controlled trial Canada
Camille Léger Vaccination status and motivators among Canadian Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic Canada
Anne-Laure Yeudit Guri-Scherman Pregnant women’s partners perspectives on second hand smoke exposure during pregnancy: A qualitative study Israel
Jennifer Brunet The physicAl aCtivity Counselling for young adult cancEr SurvivorS (ACCESS) trial: a protocol for a parallel, two-arm pilot randomized controlled trial Canada
Paula Brauer Behavioural process measures in personalized diet counselling for metabolic syndrome Canada
Aswathi Surendran Interventions to reduce machine-related accidents on farms: A systematic review and analysis of behavioural components Ireland
Anne Spinewine Qualitative study of barriers and enablers for benzodiazepine receptor agonists deprescribing in Belgian nursing homes to inform deprescribing intervention Belgium/Canada
Ananya Reddy A Pilot Study to Improve Community Resiliency in African Americans with Memory Impairment (CRAMI) USA
Alexane Dussault What do we know about the impact of COVID-19 on the health of LGBTQIA+ older adults? Results of a systematic literature review Canada