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Last updated: July 17, 2020

Thursday, May 28

Session # Session Info
Welcome and Introduction – IBTN Co-Chairs Dr. S. Bacon and Dr. K. Lavoie
Session 1 OPEN ACCESS Behavioural Solutions for Global Challenges – Health and Climate Change :: Chaired by Simon Bacon, PhD
Behavioural Medicine for Global Health: Challenges and Opportunities
William Riley, PhD
  The role of behavioural medicine in combating climate change
Michael Diefenbach, PhD
  The Behavioral Medicine Research Council: Promoting international collaborations in behavioural medicine
John Ruiz, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Molly Byrne, PhD and Susan Czajkowski, PhD
Break and Posters
Session 2 OPEN ACCESS Behavioural Responses to Global Pandemics: Lessons (being learned) from COVID-19 :: Chaired by Nicola McCleary, PhD
  Lessons learned from the UK response to COVID-19
Susan Michie, PhD
  iCARE International COVID-19 Survey: initial findings and recommendations
Kim Lavoie, PhD
  Gender Differences in Drinking to Cope with the Pandemic: Associations of COVID-19-related perceived threat and psychological distress to drinking behaviours in women vs. men
Sherry Stewart, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Michael Vallis, PhD and Robert West, PhD
Break and Posters
Session 3 Methodological Innovations and Updates :: Chaired by Karen Matvienko-Sikar, PhD
  Behavioural Treatment Development: A Framework for Progression
Lynda Powell, PhD
  Optimizing Multicomponent Intervention: The Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST)
Kate Guastaferro, PhD
  Outcomes: do’s and don’ts
Evan Mayo-Wilson, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Marie Johnston, PhD and Vera Araujo-Soares, PhD
Break and Posters
Session 4 IBTN Summer School Alumni Session :: Chaired by Kim Lavoie, PhD
  BrainPark: Using Neuroscience to Create Healthy Habits, Brains and Lifestyles
Rebecca Segrave, PhD
  Development of a weight loss intervention considering resource constraints
Angela Pfammatter, PhD
  Developing an evidence-based and patient-informed psychological intervention for infertility-related distress
Jennifer Gordon, PhD
  Data harmonization and individual patient data meta-analysis: exploring new avenues for evidence summaries and intervention development
Jovana Stojanovic, PhD
Discussion – Moderated by Simon Bacon, PhD
Summary – IBTN Co-Chairs Dr. S. Bacon and Dr. K. Lavoie

Friday, May 29

Session # Session Info
  Welcome and Introduction – IBTN Co-Chairs Dr. S. Bacon, and Dr. K. Lavoie
Session 5 OPEN ACCESS The Globalisation of Behavioural Medicine :: Chaired by Mariantonia Lemos, PhD
  Conducting behavioural interventions in lower and middle-income countries (LMICs): Understanding the research context
Sudha Sivaram, PhD
  Behaviour change science and practice in low- and middle-income countries
Jo Hart, PhD
  Perspectives on working in behavioral science in LMIC: Opportunities for behavioral trials research
Lucie Byrne-Davis, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Iveta Nagyova, PhD and Margaret Nampijja, PhD
Break and Posters
Session 6 OPEN ACCESS Conducting Pilot and Feasibility Trials :: Chaired by Chris Noone, PhD
Pilot vs feasibility studies: how to tell them apart?
Lehana Thabane, PhD
  Conducting and analyzing pilot and feasibility studies
Christine Bond, PhD
  Pilot Trials in Health-Related Behavioral Intervention Research: Problems, Solutions, and Recommendations
Ken Freedland, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Simon Bacon, PhD and Lynda Powell, PhD
Break and Posters
Session 7 OPEN ACCESS Innovation in Digital Behavioural Interventions :: Chaired by Angela Pfammatter, PhD
  Transforming behavioural interventions to digital: developing e-health solutions for behavior change
Predrag Klasnja, PhD
  Innovations in e-health solutions in behavioural medicine
Eric Hekler, PhD
  Professional and organisational factors to consider for successful digital behavioural interventions
Marie-Pierre Gagnon, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Alex Rothman, PhD et Anne Berman, PhD
Break and Posters
Session 8 Conducting Patient/Stakeholder-Oriented Research :: Chaired by Rebecca Segrave, PhD
  Engaging Patients in Trials: From Science to Practice
Antoine Boivin, MD and Sylvain Bédard
  How to meaningfully engage stakeholders in behavioural intervention research
Helena Teede, MD
  Patient Oriented Research in ethnocultural minority communities : challenges and opportunities
Joyce Dogba, PhD
Discussion (30 minutes) – Moderated by Andrea Tricco, PhD and Linda Carlson, PhD
  Summary – IBTN Co-Chairs Dr. S. Bacon and Dr. K. Lavoie