Mission & Scope

The International Behavioural Trials Network was created to:

  • Facilitate the global improvement of the quality of behavioural trials
  • Provide networks and capacity to undertake more and higher quality trials
  • Develop a repository for existing recommendations, tools, and methodology papers on behavioural trials and intervention development

Our ultimate objective is to deliver, by 2025, an international, high-quality, behavioural trial addressing global behavioral health problems.

The IBTN functions as an association of members who are active and/or have demonstrated an expressed interest in the field of behavioural trials.

Members of our core team are located across North America and Europe, and our community of members now reaches across the globe (with a total of 1,019 members as of May 2022). In the years to come, we hope to continue developing our membership across all regions of the world.

Members of the IBTN are located around the globe (as shown here shaded in blue).