Mentee Forum

Cette initiative a été menée en anglais et sera bientôt également offerte en français.

The IBTN Mentee Forum meets twice a year and is a key extension of any student’s or early career researcher’s involvement with IBTN, in particularly after attending the Summer School.

This forum is designed specifically for mentees as a means to identify how IBTN can further support their development and support an IBTN mentee community of practice in terms of career development and behavioural trials-specific questions.

The forum is a time to discuss ideas, share announcements and resources, ask questions, make suggestions about how IBTN can continue to support mentees, and help them connect and stay connected with other IBTN mentees. Forums are chaired by former IBTN mentees. Their role is to facilitate discussion, answer questions, provide advice, and liaise with the IBTN leadership.

Contact us to learn more about attending IBTN Mentee Forums.