IBTN 2018 Slide Decks

Plenary Presentations

Behavioural Intervention/Trial Research Priorities Chair: Grégory Ninot, PhD (France)
The Painful Truth about Behavioral Intervention Outcomes: Evidence Requirements for Public Policy Karina Davidson, PhD (USA)
Establishing a Research Agenda for Behavioural Trials: Results from the IBTN Prioritization Project Molly Byrne, PhD (Ireland)
Discussion Led by Paul Montgomery, PhD (UK)
Trial Development Models Chair: Linda Carlson, PhD (Canada)
An Overview of Design of Optimization Trials Linda Collins, PhD (USA)
Pilot Studies Lynda Powell, PhD (USA)
Motrial: An Academic and Collaborative Search Engine Dedicated to Behavioural Intervention Trials Grégory Ninot, PhD (France)
Methods – Trial Design Chair: Molly Byrne, PhD (Ireland)
A New Model for the Selection of Comparators for Behavioral Trials (content not available) Ken Freedland, PhD (USA)
Health Outcomes, Surrogate Endpoints, and Biomarkers Robert Kaplan, PhD (USA)
Chair: Kim Lavoie, PhD (Canada)
Implementation Laboratories: Embedding A/B Behavioural Trials in Routine Service Settings Jeremy Grimshaw, MD, PhD (Canada)
Advancing the Sciences of Implementation and Behaviour Through Ontologies Susan Michie, PhD (UK)
Discussion Led by Robert West, PhD (USA)


Stream Title Speakers
Methodology Quality control in behavioural trials: Assessing fidelity and processes of change Molly Byrne, PhD (Ireland) and Elaine Toomey, PhD (Ireland)
Methodology The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Behavioral Intervention Development + ORBIT Model Ken Freedland, PhD (USA), Lynda Powell, PhD (USA), and Susan Czajkowski, PhD (USA)
Methodology Intelligent interventions: How we can use AI to build and exploit intervention knowledge bases (Intro) Workshop leads: Susan Michie, PhD (UK), David Buckeridge, PhD (Canada), and Robert West, PhD (USA), accompanied by Byron Wallace, PhD (USA), Maureen Dobbins, PhD (Canada), Arash Shaban-Nejad, PhD (USA), and Jeremy Grimshaw, MD, PhD (Canada)
Methodology Re-engineering precision behavioural therapeutics through n-of-1 trials Karina Davidson, PhD (USA) and Ian Kronish, MD (USA)
Methodology Comment réduire les risques de biais de sélection dans une revue systématique d’interventions comportementales en santé? Grégory Ninot, PhD (France)
Methodology Using Qualitative Research Embedded in Behavioural Trials Sandra Peláez, PhD (Canada)
Intervention Design of Optimization Trials Bonnie Spring, PhD (USA) and Linda Collins, PhD (USA)
Intervention Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Physical Health Conditions Linda Carlson, PhD (Canada)
Intervention Mettre au point des interventions psycho-comportementales en oncologie : choisir des activités et comprendre leurs mécanismes de fonctionnement Workshop leads: Serge Sultan PhD and Catherine Laurin, PhD (Canada)