The IBTN and the IBTN Chair lead and participate in various training initiatives geared towards students and researchers in the field of clinical trials and behavioural interventions.

Summer School

The IBTN Summer School’s objectives are to lead trainees and young researchers in exploring how to breakthrough current obstacles in behavioural trials methodologies and expand the reach, capacity and impact of trials in the field of behavioural medicine.

International Mentor-Trainee Travel Awards

The IBTN also acts as one of five organizations sponsoring the Health and Behavior International Collaboration Award initiative. The purpose of the grant is to facilitate a mentorship collaboration with an international laboratory or research group under the guidance of an identified international mentor.


The IBTN also supports and participates in webinar series presented by various partners and collaborators.

Mentee Forum

The IBTN Mentee Forum meets twice a year and is a key extension of any student’s or early career researcher’s involvement with IBTN, in particularly after attending the Summer School. This forum is designed specifically for mentees as a means to identify how IBTN can further support their development and support an IBTN mentee community of practice in terms of career development and behavioural trials-specific questions.