IBTN – Launching forward

The IBTN was initially formed in June 2013 and received seed funding in January 2014 from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (MPE 309504). It held its inaugural meeting in Montreal (Canada) in April 2014 and made its first presentations at the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine (ICBM) in Groningen (Holland) in August 2014 and again at the iCEPS conference in Montpellier (France) in 2015.

The IBTN’s Montreal meeting in April 2014 covered a range of topics, namely,

  • Intervention development (the ORBIT model)
  • “Control” groups
  • Behaviour change technique taxonomy
  • Intervention fidelity
  • The transition from efficacy to effectiveness
  • Outcomes
  • Reporting

NOVEMBER 2014 | Initial Publication

In November 2014, our team published a paper in Current Cardiovascular Risk Report (2015 9:427) entitled An International Perspective on Improving the Quality of and Potential of Behavioural Clinical Trials. View publication


JULY 2015 | Website Launch

In July 2015, the IBTN website was launched.


SPRING 2016 | Inaugural IBTN Conference

Our first conference is scheduled for the Spring 2016 in Montreal (Canada) and will be presented in collaboration with the MBMC and iCEPS.


ON THE HORIZON FOR 2016 | Training Activities

New training sessions will be presented at the ICBM in December 2016. We have also earmarked the presentation of an annual international training event for junior faculty and trainees in Summer 2016 (funding pending).

  • Develop new recommendations around knowledge gaps in the current methodological literature
    • SPIRIT extension
    • Comparison groups
    • Fidelity


ONGOING WORK | Models and Recommendations

We foresee the development of new recommendations surrounding knowledge gaps in the current methodological literature (SPIRIT extension, comparison groups, fidelity, ORBIT model).