Cessation of areca nut chewing and risk reversal of cancer: a meta-analysis

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*Suzanne Tanya Nethan, MDS (Indian Council of Medical Research-National Institute of Cancer Prevention & Research (ICMR-NICPR),Noida, India), Ruchika Gupta, MD (ICMR-NICPR, Noida, India), Kurt Straif, PhD (International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France), Dhirendra Sinha, PhD (School of Preventive Oncology, Patna, India), Shashi Sharma, PhD (ICMR-NICPR, Noida, India), SamanWarnakulasuriya, PhD (King’s College, London, United Kingdom), Sanjay Gupta, MD (ICMR-NICPR, Noida, India), Shalini Singh, MD (ICMR-NICPR, Noida, India)