IBTN 2022 Conference Student Poster Award Winners

The IBTN is proud to showcase the winners of the 2022 Conference Student Poster Awards presented at the IBTN 2022 Hybrid Conference in May 2022.

Sophie Green, PhD(c) (UK)

Supporting endocrine therapy adherence in women with breast cancer: the development of a complex behavioural intervention using Intervention Mapping guided by the Multiphase Optimisation Strategy

Sophie Green is a second year PhD student based at the University of Leeds, UK. Sophie’s research interests broadly lie within the field of cancer prevention and control. Specifically, her research focuses on the development, optimisation and evaluation of a complex behavioural intervention to support medication adherence in women with early stage breast cancer. Sophie’s research is guided by the Multiphase Optimisation Strategy (MOST). View Sophie’s poster presentation

Tommaso Piva, PhD(c) (Italy)

Exercise-based secondary prevention program impacts physical activity behavior and cardiorespiratory fitness in older outpatients after acute coronary syndrome

Tommaso Piva is an Exercise Specialist and PhD student in Environmental Sustainability and Wellbeing at the University of Ferrara, Italy. His research focuses on evaluating the effects of the adoption and maintenance of an active and sustainable lifestyle on physical fitness and mental health in several non communicable chronic diseases. View Tommaso’s poster presentation

Hana Sediva, PhD(c) (UK)

A Systematic Review of Behaviour Change Techniques in Digital Health Interventions with Midlife Women

Hana is a PhD candidate in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. She holds an MBA in Technology Management and an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. Her three-study PhD project is focused on designing and evaluating a digital health lifestyle intervention intended to improve health-enhancing behaviours (i.e., healthy eating and regular physical activity) in midlife women. Hana was awarded the CMDO Award of Merit for an Outstanding Poster Presentation for the first study of her PhD project titled A systematic review of behaviour change techniques in digital health interventions with midlife women. View Hana’s poster presentation