Acute Physiological effects of e-cigarette in human: a systematic review & meta-analysis

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*Tasfia Sharif1,2, Florent Larue1,2, Emilie Dolan1,2, Paula A B Ribeiro1, Candace Raddatz1,2, Kim L. Lavoie1,3, Simon L. Bacon1,2.
1 Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre, CIUSSS-NIM
2 Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Applied Physiology, Concordia University
3 Department of Psychology, UQAM


  • Great work ! It would be interesting to highlight whether the impact of e-cig to Blood Pressure reach the level of clinically significant CV outcome or whether it potentially cause CVD. I hope I can see those analysis in your full paper. Good luck !

  • Thank you very much Dr.Grace for your valuable comment & suggestion. This is really an crucial point to look at.
    Most of the included studies in our meta-analysis observed the acute physiological changes in young healthy individuals with short duration of e-cig smoking which is showing an increase (although its small) in blood pressure , mostly due to nicotine. A continuous increase in blood pressure might result in arterial stiffness due to elastin degradation which is considered as a risk factor for developing any potential CVD (e.g heart attack). Beside that when that individual(e-cig user) ages, the natural aging causing the stiffness in the arteries on the already stiffened arteries, the consequence might be worse in the later life. This situation also could be worsen in any stressful condition.
    Another important thing is the addictive nature of nicotine to which the young brain shows greater response. Consequently, a young e-cig user might develop the habit of smoking traditional cigarette or other addictive substances and might end up with potential negative cardiac consequences.
    Finally, we need more intensive research on the long-term effects of e-cig smoking to observe the potential consequences of e-cig in human.
    Thank you!

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