Cardiac Rehabilitation Improves Survival and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Elderly Patients with Multimorbidity

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Tamara M. Williamson, MSc* (University of Calgary); Ross Arena, PhD (University of Illinois at Chicago[UIC]); Trina Hauer, MSc (TotalCardiology®Rehabilitation[TCR]); Codie Rouleau, PhD (TCR, UIC, University of Calgary); Tavis S. Campbell, PhD (University of Calgary, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta); Deepika Laddu, PhD (UIC); Cemal Ozemek, PhD (UIC); Sandeep Aggarwal, MD (TCR, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta); Leslie Austford, MN, MBA (TCR); & Daniele Chirico, PhD (TCR).


  • Congratulations Tamara, it is a very interesting work!! Is seems who did not complete the CR program have higher level of comorbidities. Do you think this can be related to their exercise program adherence level? Were the reasons that they did not complete the 12-week collected?

    • Hi Ariany and thanks for your comment! We did not have data on specific reasons for non-completion although we do know if the separation reason is medical vs. non-medical related. That is a good point, and perhaps would be a good covariate to include as we prepare the manuscript. I definitely think greater comorbidity could be a key reason for non-completion as patients with more health conditions may have greater pain, fatigue, etc. with exercise.

      • Thank you for replying. The information you have seems to help already answering these questions. I agree with you, the level of comorbidities could influentiate their adherence unfortunately… as we know they are the patients who most need to engage in the programs. Again, very interesting work! Thank you!!!

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