Posters 2020

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Virtual Poster Presentations

Presenting Author Title Country
Iveta Nagyova Cognitive and behavioural correlates of adjustment to disease in rheumatoid arthritis Slovakia
Vincent Gosselin Boucher Reliability of a scoring algorithm for the Motivational Communication Competency Assessment Test (MC-CAT) Canada
Tasfia Sharif Acute Physiological effects of e-cigarette in human: a systematic review & meta-analysis Canada
Tamara Williamson Cardiac Rehabilitation Improves Survival and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Elderly Patients with Multimorbidity Canada
Sylvie Lambert Internet-based stress management program for patients with cardiovascular disease: piloting a Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) Canada
Suzanne Tanya Nethan Cessation of areca nut chewing and risk reversal of cancer: a meta-analysis India
Susan D Brown Patient Outreach to Promote Guideline-Recommended Screening among Diverse Women with Gestational Diabetes: A Factorial Pilot Study USA
Sarah Mah Associations of the active living environment, walking and premature mortality in Canada Canada
Robbie Woods Pre-surgical self-esteem is linked to greater reductions in depression following bariatric surgery: The moderating role of sex Canada
Reyhaneh Yousefi The association between food addiction, body mass index, and body weight: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Canada
Myriam Gélinas The Fit-for-Fertility Multicenter Randomized-Controlled Trial: Improving Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes in Women with Obesity and Infertility Canada
Myriam Gagné Improving Adherence to Inhaled Corticosteroids by Developing a Decision Aid To Empower Patients and Primary Care Providers to Make Shared Decisions Around Asthma Pharmacotherapy Canada
Magali Girard Protocol for a pragmatic cluster randomized trial of the Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) in social housing Canada
Li Feng Xie Online Training Platform for Type 1 Diabetes Self-management Education and Support (SUPPORT) Canada
Keven Joyal-Desmarais Assessing the Psychological Processes Impacted by a Technology-Assisted Weight Loss Maintenance Program (NULevel Trial) ** WINNER OF THE IBTN AWARD OF MERIT FOR OUTSTANDING POSTER USA
Ketia Alexandre The role of socio-cognitive factors on diabetes self-management in adults: a cross sectional analysis using an extended version of the Theory of Planned Behavior Switzerland
Ketia Alexandre Identification of diabetes self-management profiles in adults by cluster analysis using selected self-reported outcomes Switzerland
Keryn Chemtob Adherence to the 24-Hour Movement Guidelines and Adiposity in a Cohort of at Risk Youth: A Longitudinal Analysis Canada
Kate Guastaferro Iterative optimization and decision-making using the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) to optimize an online behavioral intervention USA
Karen Richardson Conquering Compulsions -The Feasibility and NeuromodulatoryImpact of Physical Exercise and Mindfulness Meditation for Compulsive Behaviours Australia
Jovana Stojanovic A cross sectional study of health technology assessments in the area of public health Canada
Jennifer Brunet An eHealth Theory-Based Intervention for Women’s Physical Activity Behaviour: A Randomized Controlled Trial Canada
Gregory Gorman Fidelity of interventions to reduce or prevent stress and/or anxiety from pregnancy up to two years postpartum: A systematic review Ireland
Gillian S Gould Supporting Indigenous Smokers To Assist Quitting (SISTAQUIT®): a cluster randomised controlled trial to change health provider behaviour and support Indigenous Australian pregnant women to stop smoking: protocol and recruitment to date Australia
Emily S Ross User experiences with a pilot text messaging intervention aimed to support patients with acute coronary syndrome after discharge ** WINNER OF THE CMDO AWARD OF MERIT FOR OUTSTANDING POSTER Canada
David Anekwe Discrepancies between Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Users’ Interests and the Availability of Guidance Documents Canada
Daniela Massierer Identifying the needs of kidney transplant recipients that can be addressed by a web-based self-management program Canada
Corinne Schaub Psychosocial determinants of the adapted Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour predicting intention to use complementary and integrative medicine by psychiatric health care professionals Switzerland
Claudia Gemme Response profiles to a Motivational Communication-based inhaled corticosteroid adherence intervention in adults with asthma Canada
Cassandre A. Julien Behavioural Weight Management Interventions in Bariatric Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Canada
Carolina C. Silva Conceptualisation and Operationalisation of Personalisation and Tailoring of behaviour change interventions: A Scoping Review Ireland
Catharina E Myburgh Personality, chronic defensive coping and S100B –new insights into the brain-heart link: The SABPA prospective cohort study South Africa
Brigitte Voisard Physician Perceptions of Behaviour Change Counselling Skills and Training Canada
Bayley J. Taple Integrating CBT in the urogynecology clinic for women with anxiety and urinary symptoms: A pilot RCT USA
Ariany Marques Vieira A systematic review of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation guidance documents: assessing components and methodologies ** WINNER OF THE CMDO AWARD OF MERIT FOR OUTSTANDING POSTER Canada
Akinwande Olabisi Efficacy of clinic-and mobile phone-based walk-talk intervention on blood glucose level of pregnant women in Ibadan Nigeria